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Frequently Asked Questions

As we look to make a difference, we’ve found that people have plenty of questions about our process, as well as where the idea came from! To help you understand the drive and passion of the Betty Jean Brown Foundation, check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. And if your question isn’t answered, send us a message via our ‘Contact Us’ page.


How can I donate?

You can make a donation via our website, become a Patron or provide in-kind donations. Every little bit helps!


Do you accept volunteers?

Yes! We’ve had help from volunteers in the form of copywriting, graphic design, and business admin, as well as the traditional hands-on help delivering fruit and vegetables to schools. If you have time to give, please let us know what gifts and talents you would like to utilize to assist us, as well as how much time you’d like to donate.



How does the program work?

The Betty Jean Brown Foundation works with local groups in the community, collecting and delivering fresh fruits and vegetables to students in the school environment. The students receive a minimum of three pounds every two weeks.The children take the fruits and vegetables home to their families. They often sample the fruits before arriving home, and the fruits and vegetables are enjoyed by the families in meals and snacks. Recipe cards are provided that provide innovative ways to prepare the produce as well as nutritional benefits unique to the immediate fruits and vegetables given.

Where do you get the fruits and vegetables?

The fruits and vegetables are provided through financial contributions, Patreon sponsorships, and collaboration with other businesses and organizations in the community. The produce is inspected and passes local guidelines to ensure that we deliver fresh and nutritionally-beneficial produce to those who need it. Can we donate fruits and vegetables? In-kind donations can be dropped off at the New York Common Pantry, located in East Harlem.

Where do you currently serve?

We currently serve Harlem, in New York City, but it’s our goal to eventually serve children across the United States.


Why do you donate fruits and vegetables?

Children who live in food deserts have limited access to fruits and vegetables. Providing fruits and vegetables to children increases academic performance, stabilizes behavior, and serves as a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.


What is a food desert?

A food desert is an area that has limited access to healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables.


How can I sign my school up to receive produce?

Please send us an email at You will be placed on the waiting list. Please be sure your site has an individual that will be dedicated to facilitating the logistics of the produce dropoff and distribution. 

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